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Keto Weightloss Progress: Six Months of Losing 49Lbs by Female Redditor

A female redditor from r/progresspics lost 49lbs in six months through Keto. Her face progress can be seen in her post which got 182 upvotes with positive comments on how she seems younger now.

Article by Madeleine Smith

A before and after photo of a 5'6" female showing a weight gain from 245 pounds to 296 pounds. A net gain of 51 pounds.
6months keto 245>296=49lbs face progress F/24/5'6" Submitted to r/progresspics and wanted to show you guys too, is all thanks to this sub!
Originally posted on /r/keto


Weight loss can be a difficult journey, especially when you lack motivation or discipline. However, for one Reddit user, it was more of a lifestyle change than a strict diet that led to her transformation.


C3POWNED21, a 24-year-old female Redditor, shared her progress pictures on r/progresspics. She lost 49lbs in six months through Keto, with less than 20g carbs per day. Her main exercise is playing roller derby and weight training three days a week.

Positive Comments

C3POWNED21 received over 10 positive comments on the thread, with many commenting on how her transformation made her seem younger. This just goes to show how making the right changes in your lifestyle can have a great impact on your physical appearance.

Her Secret

It is evident that for C3POWNED21, the key to her success was maintaining a healthy lifestyle, rather than just following a strict diet or exercise routine. Her healthy food choices and regular exercise helped her shed the extra pounds, and her progress photos are proof of her hard work.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking to change your lifestyle, why not take a page out of C3POWNED21's book? Making small, healthy changes in your life can lead to big results. While it may not be easy, the benefits you get from your weight loss journey are well worth the effort.

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