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M/30/6'7 [390 Lbs > 215 Lbs = 175 Lbs] (18 Months) 390 Lb Man Loses 175 Lbs in 18 Months

This person has made an amazing transformation, going from 390lbs to 215lbs in just 18 months! This is life altering change and it's all thanks to their hard work and dedication.

A picture of a 6'7" male showing a weight loss from 390 pounds to 215 pounds. A total loss of 175 pounds.

This individual has made an incredible transformation in just 18 months, going from 390lbs to 215lbs. That's a change of 175lbs! Not only that, but this individual is 6'7, so the weight loss is even more impressive. This person has made a life altering change and is sure to inspire others with their story.

M/30/6'7" [390 lbs > 215 lbs = 175 lbs] (18 months) Life altering change
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