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7 Essential Progress Picture Tips

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Madeleine Johnson

Good example of progress pictures!

1. Ensure you take your first weight loss journey picture in the morning.

The essence of taking the picture first thing in the morning is because the morning is when your body is at its slimmest. This is because your bowel movement will be cool, and you won't have eaten breakfast at that time. Additionally, in the morning, your body would be less bloated.

2. Ensure you're putting all a minimal cloth while taking your photo.

The essence of a minimal cloth is to show the full view of your body. A minimal cloth for a guy can be a short and armless top. This type of cloth would show your full body, your stomach, your thighs and your biceps. The minimal cloth for a lady can be a short bikini that will show the body shape. The bikini will show the essential parts of the body that need to be worked on.

3. Take the pictures in a neutral setting where there are no clutters or loads

Taking pictures in cluttered or busy backgrounds can mix your body with the background and make your body look inaccurate. It is also advisable to find a white wall to use as a background while taking the picture.

4. Try having a close friend or family member help you take the shots

The essence of having a close family or a friend take the shot is that the person will take a full picture of you in the perfect position. On the contrary, you can also decide to use a Tripiod stand to take the picture. It would be nice having a Tripod stand for your phone camera or the camera you would be used to make the picture-perfect.

5. Don't sit while taking the picture

The best advice is to maintain a standing position when you are taking a picture of yourself. Additionally, don't suck in your stomach while taking the picture. It might look tempting to suck in your stomach so you would look thin and nice. However, you need to remember the purpose of taking the picture, and the essence is to track your weight loss journey. The moment you suck in your stomach, you are already going against the intent or reason for taking the picture.

6. Don't take one picture only

Try to take multiple pictures from different angles. Try taking a picture of yourself from the front, a picture of yourself from the back and your two sides. These positions would allow you to keep track of your weight loss journey from a visual perspective.

7. Ensure you take your progress pictures on the same day every month and simultaneously

Taking these pictures simultaneously on the same day would make it easier to track your measurements, and you would be able to note where your weight loss is happening the most. This would also help you to show the part of your body where you need to focus more and do more while you're doing workouts.